Saturday, February 12, 2005

You'll Never Fumigate The Demons...No Matter How Much You Smoke

Pete's been clean for 8 days...but can he stay that way?
See the report on Spirit of Albion

And here's a good article from John Harris on the effects of crack smoking:
Pipe Down

"These days, barely a week goes past without another crack-meets-music story impacting on the headlines - and most of them, of course, involve that wretched, broken talent Pete Doherty.

Crack is "gorgeous", he told the tabloids this week, before adding that he wanted to kick the drug so as to cement his heartwarming relationship with Kate Moss. It's not just him, though: in that corner of the universe reserved for musical small fry, there is the Others' Dominic Masters, who has claimed to use the drug as a means of 'winding down'"

Not only does the article call Pete a "broken talent"...but it compares him to Suede's Brett that's a low blow!