Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pete and Kate?

Nice One Pete:

Kate Moss has been linked to a host of bad boy celebrities - and today she is said to have found romance with drug-addicted rock star Pete Doherty. According to friends, the supermodel and the ex-Libertines frontman were "all over each other" at her 31st birthday party.

Now there is speculation the two icons of the fashion and rock world may have united to form one of the London scene's most explosive couples. The party, with a rock'n'roll circus-theme, was at her Cotswold home. The model, who is said to be "smitten", then invited Doherty for lunch with her family the following day.

A source at the party told The Sun: "Kate and Pete were all over each other. They were sitting on each others' laps all evening. They only had eyes for each other, and were almost oblivious to everyone else."