Monday, January 31, 2005

The Man Who Would Be Tabloid King

Some More Tabloid Nonsense:

The Mirror
"Last night the Sunday Mirror was exclusively told how Doherty encouraged a girlfriend to turn to prostitution to help fund his habit. The 21-year-old blonde - whose name we are protecting - became so hooked she had sex with other men to help fund Doherty's habit.

The tawdry story was revealed by social worker Cherilyn Russell, 33, who spent two months hanging out with Doherty at a flat above a Ladbrokes bookies in Stepney, East London."

News Of The World
Those closest to multi-millionaire Kate know she's no angel and loves to party hard. But they're terrified Doherty--who spends up to 1,000 pound a day on heroin and crack cocaine--will send her crashing off the rails.

So far stubborn Kate, 31, has defied them all, including mum Linda, best pal actress Sadie Frost and ex-lover Jefferson Hack, who is threatening to go for sole custody of their two-year-old daughter Lila Grace if she doesn't see sense.

Oh, and in other news, Gemma left Babyshambles:

BABYSHAMBLES drummer GEMMA CLARKE has revealed why she quit the band. Yesterday (January 27) NME.COM revealed she'd walked out on the group prior to the recording sessions on the group's debut album. She's been replaced by Adam Ficek (ex White Sport).

In a letter to Pete Doherty seen by NME.COM , Clarke has said she wants to make it "very clear" as to her reasons for leaving, blaming a breakdown in relations with the band's management. She wrote: "I will not continue to work under the management that you have chosen for the band... I love you, the music, Patrick, Dru and Babyshambles. Please be safe and be careful. You are a great artist and have been a massive inspiration to me. "Thanks for the experience and for a great time - keep safe and don’t forget to call me...good luck for the future."

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