Thursday, October 28, 2004

An Expensive Night

Pete trashes a nice painting:

PETE DOHERTY has been banned from LONDON's trendy GROUCHO CLUB after reportedly wrecking a piece of modern artwork thought to be worth around £100,000.

The former Libertines star was performing a charity gig with his band Babyshambles on Saturday (October 23) when he tore the metal sculpture from the ceiling and it disintegrated on the floor.

An onlooker told today's (October 25) Sun newspaper: "It's not a big room but Babyshambles launched into a very lively set. Pete was spinning round all over the place.

"Then he jumped into the crowd and grabbed the sculpture - it fell to the floor in pieces."

The club's bosses are reportedly furious over the incident and a source told The Sun: "Staff made it clear they never want to see him in their club again."

A spokesperson for the Groucho Club refused to comment on the incident.

Pete In The Socialist Worker:

There's few enough people doing things for the right reasons. Bringing people together to fight capitalism--I'm into that.

But I'm into learning as well. I need to know more of what it's about, and shape my own beliefs.

A lot of the issues surrounding Third World debt and loans to countries involves keeping things as they are, rather than completely dismantling a system a majority of people find horrific.

We need radical change. That's what I'm into and I think that's the only solution.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

What did become of The Likely Lads?

The new single is out next week. The bsides are live performances of older cuts like "Boys In The Band" and "The Delaney".

Download the video here

A new compiliation of performances from the Rhythm Factory is now available. Here is the tracklisting:

1. Up The Bracket - The Libertines
2. (You're) On The List - The Lams
3. Authority Confrontation - Selfish Cunt
4. Tommy's Disease - The Paddingtons
5. Moving To LA - Art Brut
6. Celeste - The Rocks
7. Give Me Something - Tigermoth
8. Killamanforhisgiro - Babyshambles
9. You - Thee Unstrung
10. You Stole My Brain - Electricity Comes From Other Planets
11. Back From The Dead - Pete Doherty

Friday, October 15, 2004

Together Again?

NME Reports:

Estranged LIBERTINE PETE DOHERTY has revealed his plans to record a Christmas single with former bandmate CARL BARAT. The guitarist has said that he hopes the troubles between the pair can be buried and perhaps heal the rift with the group. Doherty said: "Oh yes, I'm going to collaborate with Carl Barat. No I'm not (joking). I'm going to. Even if I have to kidnap him." He added: "We're going to do a Christmas record. We always said we'd do a Christmas record. What better way to highlight the goodwill and forgiveness of man, than with a reunion?" However, Doherty did also say that he has still had no contact with the band since his failed attempts at rehab to treat his drug addiction. "You're joking aren't you?" he told Xfm. "I haven't spoken to anyone since the day I went to Thailand (to the Thamkrabok Monastery in June). No, not at all. You know what I mean? I try but there's only so much I can take."

Speaking about Babyshambles, who release their new single 'Killamangiro' on November 29, Doherty revealed that the band have been working hard in the studio on new material.

We went inside Odessa studios in Clapton [October 12] and we worked about 20 hours solid in there, just getting new ideas down," he said. "The idea was to get some new songs down but we just ended up running through brand new things. So hopefully before the end of the month we'll have the foundations of a great album."

The band are also expected to head out on a "little Northern tour" around the release of 'Killamangiro'.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Babyshambles play tonight (October 15) as part of a Love Music Hate Racism gig with The Cooper Temple Clause at London's The Coronet.

"Hopefully people will understand that it's something very important to me," Doherty explained, "And all the people that are involved in it, and are part of it together, who are trying to get the message across, I respect what they've done in the past – doing events, campaigns, keeping racism out of football, and I just feel it's a positive thing, a very positive thing to be involved in. It's quite simple, I am an anti-fascist. They might me old-fashioned 'leftie' ideals, but I'll do my bit."

Babyshambles are on the cover of this week's NME, which is out now.

Thursday, October 14, 2004 Returns!

Hi all. It's good to be back. Now time for some updates:

The studio version of "Kilimangiro" was played recently on Radio 1. It's floating around somewhere. When we find it, you'll be the first to know.

Babyshambles on the cover of the NME:

New Pete Post on Babyshambles:

i greet mr Hey Richey (a penpal of my mothers) on the Upper Clapton rd. London's Jewish hinterlands and London's blop cell cap itchy igger knuckle he's quick to the point about what happenned. there was no way I could go in that building tonight
if this was a private page in my soul buried deep and not flauntered or pawned for tuppence coated in a sheen of pure darkling oceans demons in the foggy sea a strand of blood swimming up the needle like

the past
if I was right I'd say I need to have an aids test

That's all for now. More news as we get caught up!