Friday, September 03, 2004

This Is Bardcore

Pete arrives at court playing guitar from a sunroof

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Tony Wilson On The Libertines And Drugs:
WRITE a piece about The Libertines? Give me a break. I don't care about The Libertines. But a piece about drugs and music. Where do I sign up? When I say I don't care for The Libertines, I'm not being controversial for the sake of it. I often am, though not this time. I find the darlings of NME insipid and drab. And I feel bad about that because I have enormous respect and even love for the two Lib champions, Rough Trade owner Geoff Travis and Alan McGee, the Scot who discovered Oasis.

And I tried. I bought the first album. Played it--for 15 minutes even--but I was pushing myself. So. Crap band and crap album, but good press on the drugs front.

Pete To Return?
Doherty 'back with Libertines soon'
By Alexa Baracaia, Evening Standard
2 September 2004

The Libertines hope to welcome troubled singer Pete Doherty back soon, it was revealed today. The band's producer, former Clash guitarist Mick Jones, said the suspended sentence Doherty, 25, received yesterday for possession of an offensive weapon would "hopefully keep him on the straight and narrow".

Pitchfork Album Review (Sadly, the bloke writing it still doesn't know which voice is Pete's and which is Carl's...couldn't someone drop him a line? It's getting embarassing)

French Album Review (thanks John)

Video of entire Pete acoustic show