Friday, September 17, 2004

Still Looking Rough And Living Strange

Pete and Liam in Child Support Row (Thanks Janessa)

Pop singer Pete Doherty's life is going from bad to worse.

His drug problem has got him kicked out of The Libertines, he's been in and out of court and his recent no-show at a gig has angered fans.

But to top it off there's a certain pop star that isn't too happy with Pete either.

According to the Daily Mirror, the atmosphere between rock rebel Liam Gallagher and Pete, 25, is getting a bit frosty over the issue of child maintenance.

Both Pete and Oasis front man Liam Gallagher have a child with their former lover Lisa Moorish.

And while wild man Liam, 31, is fulfilling his fatherly duties, paying out 2,000 pounds a month to support his daughter Molly, Pete's been left short of cash because of his drug problems.

An insider said: "Liam is fuming. He feels he's supporting Pete's son Estile as well as his own daughter.

"He reckons it's time Pete sorted himself out and started paying his share."

Doherty--who recently admitted to spending a fortune a day on drugs--is now attempting to get his new band Babyshambles off the ground.

The source said: "Pete's problems are very sad, but it's not Liam's problem.

"He doesn't begrudge his own payments but he hates the idea that Pete's not paying his share."

A friend of Pete's said: "He wants to do the right thing-- Pete will be in a better position once he stops doing drugs.