Sunday, August 01, 2004

Still Not Dirty Enough For You My Love

Pete Retracts His Offer:

the open letter to the libertines fell down well i took it down coz in their reply the boys that had me out the band says not to 'embarrass ' meself with 'offal pies for the pete club internet freaks to get fat '
apart from that all is well. I spoke to Alan Magee for the first time in a month, and have located my guitar - they've taken it to Japan it seems, to play fugi rock and then australia with my stand-in. Quite confused and for a moment lost or deranged this feeling a strange thing not keeping in with the glorious sun and the current mood of stabilization, inspiration and sharpening up. more akin to the despair and jolts into juvenile exclamation
they always tell me when they've left so as I can't stowaway. I've got the solo from tomblands down to a tee though.