Saturday, August 07, 2004

Carl In The Independent

Carl speaks:

The reason for the insecurity guards, however, is less to do with fending off legions of over-eager fans than it is to do with protecting The Libertines from themselves. Doherty, who is 24, is currently barred from the band pending his overcoming an addiction to heroin and crack cocaine. Barat, Hassall and Powell had spent the week prior to T In The Park rehearsing with a stand-in guitarist somewhere near Box in Wiltshire. The location was secret lest the erratic Doherty take it upon himself to turn up; the heavies at T In The Park were said to be reinforcing this protective cordon around the band.

Barat must have had a sense of déjà vu: a year ago The Libertines were forced to play a round of festivals without the troubled Doherty.

"I know, I know," sighed Barat, 25, as he and his beefy posse walked to The Libertines' Portakabin dressing-room. "Doesn't make it any easier though. Pete's into festivals, but he's not very well at the moment. It would be nice to have him here, but there's no point in compounding his illness by accepting it."

Is being in The Libertines bad for Pete's health?

"No, taking smack and crack is bad for his health."