Sunday, July 18, 2004

So Much News To Report, So Little Time

Quite a bit has been happening in the world of The Libs.  Here are the highlights:
The story behind "What Katie Did" (thanks Acoustica):
Katie first met the charismatic 24-year-old rocker in April 2002, at a gig in East London. Pete nicknamed her Katie Bapples, due to her large chest, and co-wrote the song What Katie Did, about her battle to quit drugs. It appears on The Libertines' second album, due out on August 9, and was recorded before they sacked him.  The couple had been dating for a month before Katie realised he was into heroin. One night in his flat, he persuaded her to try it, too. "We were young romantics and would write each other poetry," she recalls. "He told me I could only discover 'Arcadia' - our word for a perfect, peaceful world - if I took the drug with him.
Peter Speaks In The Metro (scroll down a bit):
'The narcotic contribution to my lifestyle is exaggerated', he muses. 'If i did the things they say, i would be dead. £1000 of heroin a day is impossible. I feel like i've got things under control on the drugs front. And i'm confident about the album'.The album to which Doherty refers to is The Libs eponymous follow-up to 2002's debut Up The Bracket. It's due out next month but Doherty won't be on the PR junket - not since Barat announced they'd be touring without him.'This absolutely breaks my heart' Doherty sighs. 'Saying that i'm too mentally ill to play and that i'm noy welcome at the festicals is a bit like him saying "Kill yourself". i know i've cut myself up and stuff, but that was the first time in my life that i felt suicidal.'If Carl was a clean-living lad, then maybe i'd make an effort to be completely clean' he continues. 'but i feel abandoned, there's nothing he could have done to hurt me more. Hopefully, he'll get help himself and realise I love him'. In the meantime, Doherty's focusing on his other musical manifestation, Babyshambles. So how's it different from the libertines? 'Well i'm allowed onstage' Doherty smiles, wanly. 'This libertines album that's coming out should have come out a year ago, so the Babyshambles album we're working on is the new Libertines. We might confuse people by calling it The Libertines by Babyshambles.'
Review of "The Libertines" from the Observer Music Monthly   
Carlos plays "What A Waster" and "Can't Stand Me Now" acoustic for a Dutch radio station, and you can listen now.
Bootleg of T In The Park Performance now for download.
Possible album covers: