Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Carve It Into Something New

Gary Talks To XFM:

"Carl's attacking [the live shows] with a real fervour. He's really, really going for it. Whether he's enjoying himself or not, I don't know. I think he also knows that this is for the better good of everybody," he continues. "We'll keep on playing, Pete has something to come back to, and hopefully Pete will want to come back. [He'll be] in a better frame of mind than beforehand and that's what we really, really want."

New Bilo Post on Babyshambles:

after thousands of years rehabilitation the bilo laptop returns, and if hundreds of closeup eye witnesses are to be relied on to inform you of my ship shapeness, is in as good a shape as its owner is these reckless (rockless)sweet days of liberty, adventure and melodic arcadian revelry. I awake just, to the familiar towers and twisting footbridges in the embassy filter air of sheffield. their rammed in and ready. Backstage is a go go with selfish cunt jamming up the mirror, Dot practising her xylophone solo for never never, the lights are low and red and I'm waking up stood motionless in clean white fake fake burberry yfronts what has been going on?
A hell of a first night in Glasgow... intimacy, inspiration and sweet sweet music the night before duringand after the show the like of which I've never known, and I confess a quiet sorrow that perhaps the first night of the tour was to be the greatest. How could that be matched? Well... by time the Wolverhampton Civic hall's ballroom floor and stage had stopped shaking from the outrageous spirit shown and spilt (remember the round got in for the whole moshpit, and they cannae dwell, hotel close attention, corridor parade. a new song you fancy everyone really don't you) the dressing room had a piano and a jacuzzi and sitting in the bubbles with dot, andrew and Rini and god knows who all in our knickers I,m singing, all innocence smudged reflections in the steamed mirror. not a drug in sight...
when people say 'get better'.. I wonder how it can.
'playing reading Peter?'
'I can't go anywhere I'm not welcome. I love playing, but do not idealize a heartbreaking routine. Their way is sound but oh what a way I have found.'
I am available though, now you mention it...

this most certainly is the life then, on beanbags now everyone dancing in the dressing room, Mike Papa Georgio singing to a rabid acoustic shuffle '..I wish I had sailed the darkened seas on a great big clipper ship' people spinning round in the heat tambourines. meanwhile, out in the snake pit the anti-christ faces the little lions...
selfish cunt just been pulled out the crowd by chev, they called martin a wanker so in he waded, he's an elegant and slim but quite hefty dose of the theatrical underworld singing of race, hackney pavement chalk bodies outlined in his closet's imagination from raving queen glitter braces outerspace and 'the best band in the world are we' in the face point blank of boos and flying bottles. eh up, in swaggers young Tom Paddington now
'alright Mr Doherty. wnna cig?'
everywhere you look there's a fuckin paddington
Lambert and Butler.\hmmm