Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Words Of Reason and Sympathy

Alan McGee:
Please enough of the Peter slagging on this forum.No good will come of treating Peter like this.It will make him run away.His Mother,Carlos,Gary and John and everybody involved in the mangement of the Libertines are all extremely worried for him with regards to his health mental and physical.I know Peter reads this board so to bait him is only venting your own anger about his problem.If the people that are closest to him on a daily basis can still accept rehab never worked again[and believe me we were gutted] then the Libs fans will have to as well.Rough Trade put Peter through his first Rehab and Creation Management have put him through the Priory twice.Our belief in Peter as a person and his talent remains intact.The group will still put Peter into a clinic if he wants to return back to these shores.There is a place i know of in Spain that may well work.To recap it's easy to slag Peter off behind a computer but he has given British Music the kind of kickstart i personally haven't experienced in 25 years.His support of Love Music Hate Racism to trying to arrange benfit gigs for QPR only goes to prove he has a good heart.He may have lost the way at this point but he is a good person.Let him work out what he wants to do.Thanks Alan

Bobby Gillespie:
hi peter, i don't really know you very well, but douglas speaks very highly of you. i just want to send you a message of support
keep on keeping on -derangement of the senses/poetry/rock n roll/chinese rocks/bangkok/ i hope your safe, happy & when you come home if you want to douglas & me would love to go to the cinema with you/ go for late night walks round london could be good fun, see what you think. i'm sitting up with mcgee listening to records-some good, some bad, i'm pretty tired now, so take care of yourself & hope to see you soon. bob g x