Monday, June 14, 2004

Trouble With A Capital "T"

NME Reports:

THE LIBERTINES' PETE DOHERTY has fled his rehab program in Thailand. The guitarist flew out last week for a rigorous course of rehab at the Thamkrabok Monastery. The Monastery claim to provide one of the most successful detoxification and rehabilitation programs in the world, having treated over 100,000 patients since its inception in 1958. However, a spokesperson for Pete said that he left of his own accord at 4.30am local time yesterday morning (June 13). It is thought Pete was headed for Bangkok.

A statement from the Monastery reads: "Having entered into the free treatment program at Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand on Thursday June 10, and having vowed to senior Monks "never to take drugs ever again" upon registration, Peter refused to take even his third dose of medication, and has finally today rejected the sensitive and compassionate care offered by the Nuns and the Monks there. "Despite insistent and concerned appeals from the Monastery's officials and even his own mother, he demanded his passport and personal belongings and has fled to a hotel in Bangkok. "Upon leaving the Monastery, Pete signed a declaration stating that: "Thamkrabok Monastery have done everything they could to help me, but I am just not strong enough for this treatment."