Tuesday, June 08, 2004

God Bless You Pete

A Touching Farewell From Pete on Babyshambles:

9.30pm Heathrow tonight wave me a little goodbye, because part of me will never be coming back. I was given ten seconds mostly
to live if I carried on at that rate. I have some strength god knows from wherein me to be bothered about sharpening up on the old browns front. Bang bang this little toy soldiers in no mans land and stuffing into his tight pockets all well wishes and tokens of love to power the cause. I want to live, and want to be fit for the second albums airing. I saw Mick Jones, Carl, John and Gary (we played) last night and I know I can mangle out all the creases and live out further my grandly Arcadian dreams and dear divine adventures all albion's sons and daughters

I love you all and will return stronger, willing glances souls windows smudger
Peter xxx