Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Band Of Brothers

Radio 1 Reports:

The Libertines were surprise guests at the MOJO Honours List awards show in London this afternoon (Tuesday). With Pete Doherty out of rehab and being arrested for possession of an offensive weapon last Thursday, they band have been laying fairly low over the past few days. They've also cancelled a few performances including this weekend's Glastonbury. Carl, Gary and John showed up at the bash without Pete, and Carl told us that despite rumours, they're unlikely to make a surprise appearance at the festival. The main thing is to help Pete get himself together: "Ten minutes is a long time in the Libertines, so you never know what could happen. He is always part of the band, of course he is. The band wouldn't be the band if he wasn't." "He's always welcome. Obviously his health is above all our primary concern. As soon as he sorts himself out he's more than welcome to join us whatever we're doing."